Waec 2017 Literature Answer Now Available

Waec 2017 Literature & Geography Answer Now Available

4) In Kufi, wives were accused of killing their husbands because of the belief that someone had to be responsible for every death. They also suspected feathered creatures like birds as they were usually linked to witchcraft. ========================

5) i)Blindness In the ancient Greek drama, Oedipus the tragic hero is convinced he can overcome the Oracle’s predication that he will unwittingly kill his father and marry his mother. He blinds himself in a fit of rage after the prophecy is fulfilled.

ii)Hubris Is the word given to the excessive pride exhibited by the tragic hero in ancient Greek drama, which brings about his downfall. It is hubris that ultimately causes Bigger’s death. Filled with excitement after committing the seemingly ultimate crime-killing and decapitating a white woman-Bigger puts aside his doubts and his instinctual desire to run and save himself and repeatedly returns to the scene of the crime, the Dalton house. ==================================

6. The use of irony in the text is called situational irony. Bigger has always regarded every white person as his mortal enemy and as fake will have it,a white friend is brought his way. To him, Every white person is a symbol of oppression. On the contrary. Many Dalton is friend to bigger but bigger is ready to exhibit his disdain for white folks as the same feelings is felt towards Jan too. On the other hand, many and jam (the two I white lovers ) shows him love and friendliness which makes him ashamed of himself. Both lovers are closing so at the rock of disapproval from their own folks. The two parties are actually operating in total ignorance of the other hand situation , a condition brought about by years of unhealthy extreme opinion of the other . It is ironical that jam,whom bigger tried blame his murder of Mary on, would later take step to free the some bigger of culpability in the crime. He is the one who brings max to Bigger to act as his counsel during his arraignment. Another ironic situation is noticed with the respect of bigger is freedom. While restricted to a cell in prison , he feels free where as outside he feel. =================================

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