Nigeria Ranked 7th Position Over POS Usage In Africa

In the whole of Africa, Nigeria was ranked 7th position over the usage of point of sale (POS), form part of transaction instead of 2nd or 3rd position as I was expecting despite being the country with advanced people in ICT and with most internet users but Nigeria still came out with a shocking result.

According to the report from IndexMundi ; The POS was first introduced in Nigeria about 3years ago before the neighbouring country Ghana but Nigeria makes the lowest percentage of just 21% of transaction using POS device, while Tunisia makes 79% of transaction followed by Ghana at 80% but South Africa makes the highest use of POS device at 91%.

However, the reason and cause of this low usage of POS (point of sale) in Nigeria was revealed to be the epileptic power supply, lack of trust, bad and poor network issues and poor enlightenment.

In order to cure this, there should be adequate awareness to enlighten people on the usefulness of paying with a POS and for banks to improve their POS usage security to prevent armed robbers from robbing victims who claim not to have money with them

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