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5 Reasons Why Your Name May Not Be On NYSC Mobilisation List

I present 5 reasons why your name may not be on the NYSC mobilization list yet. Read carefully.

So you have been trying to check your name on NYSC mobilization list for you to begin your registration soon and your name has not been coming up. You have tried all day to verify your name and all you are getting is no record found.

Do not panic or start looking for illegal ways to include your name. Make sure you read this to the end because at the and, you will see why your name may not be on the list.

Corpers Forum presents 5 Reasons why Your name may not be on NYSC site yet.

1. NetworkThis Is funny? Yeah it’s funny to me also. Network can be a reason why you are not seeing any record yet. Thousands and thousands of Graduates or let me say PCMs are trying to verify their names at the same time. Imagine when about 10,000 graduates click on submit at the same time. That is what I call “Yam peppe scatter scatter”
I would advise you just relax for some time and check again. If you are sure your network is good or you even did if at midnight alone. Then move to the next point.

2. Your School is Yet To Upload the Senate list
Why do we call it the Senate list? I know, but I won’t tell you because that’s not our problem here. My problem at this moment is to tell you 5 reasons why your name is not showing up on NYSC portal yet.
Some institutions are yet to upload their Senate list.
Let me tell you what you already know. Your higher institution have a list tagged “Senate list” which contains the names of all qualified and cleared graduates eligible to be Mobilized for NYSC.
The Senate list is then what would be given to NYSC as the official list from your higher institution. NYSC would then upload the list in the back end of their Database which will show up whenever a candidate whose name is included attempt to verify his or her name.
If your institution is yet to upload and submit their official approved list to NYSC, then when you or anyone who is a student from that institution try to verify his or her name, on NYSC database, the system will say, “NO Record Found” So if you are not seeing your name yet, confirm if your school are yet to Upload their approved list and wait till they do so.
This is what is happening right now. Some prestigious institutions are yet to upload their lists. Just relax and don’t panic.

3. Academic Issues
Academic issues is the name am giving it. You can rename it if you want. Academic issues does not really mean having an outstanding course. It revolve round your Department, faculty, Division of student affairs and more. Assuming your case is not number ‘1’ above and also negating no ‘2’ above.
Let me break it down because of some people who hate mathematics like me. Supposing your network is very good and also your institution has released their approved Senate list and still yet you can’t verify your name. Here is what you need to do. Do not panic or start worrying yourself.
Confirm if others from your department see their names on the list. If others has verified your names and you are the only one or maybe 3 others that are yet to see their names. Then you need to visit your school. Visit your HOD and tender the complain or go to DSA to inform them.
If you are not the only one from your department, or maybe everyone in your department did not see their names, you need to visit the HOD to know what’s going on.

4. Your School Did Not Mobilize anyone from Your SetYeah, it I possible. I also experienced it. I wasn’t mobilized the year I graduated. I waited for one good year. Not only me, but every students of OAU 2015 graduating set. You can ask around. The problem was that the school mobilized left over candidates and people who had outstanding courses during the previous year. The Year we are supposed to go, our seniors were mobilized. When we saw the list with all eagerness, we discovered that none of our set was mobilized. If your institution has released their approved list and you can’t still verify your name, make sure you confirm of any of your set was mobilized.

5. Batch B Still dey So do not need to panic, batch B still dey on ground.
If you have passed through all of the above and still yet your name is not on the NYSC mobilisation list, then wait for Batch B.

Note that only you cannot wait for batch B. If you are the only one not mobilized in the whole of your school, don’t wait for batch B, rush to your school and fix it. But if you are not alone like Liverpool slang “You will never walk alone” then chill, get something to do and wait for batch B.

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