How To Analyze IMEI Using IMEI Analyzer

There are two ways to Analyze or generate valid IMEI; using IMEI Analyzer or the official calculator. So is very easy and simple

How To Generate Or Analyze Valid IMEIs Using IMEI Analyzer

Note: Your IMEI number can be checked by dialing *#06#

➡Firstly, you have to download and install IMEI Analyzer by clicking here .
➡Then you can now paste the 15digits IMEIs on the space provided. So if you want to Analyze or generate valid IMEI, you will have to delete the last digit of the 15digits IMEI and it will now be 14digits then tap on ANALYZE.

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➡Then look below, your IMEI will be analysed and the phone IMEI information will also be displayed which means your FULL IMEI will then complete 15digits but if it says “IMEI INVALID ” or “IMEI NOT CORRECT”, it means your IMEI number is not complete. If your IMEI number is valid, it will say ” IMEI is correct”. As shown below;

➡ So you can then copy out the 15digits and Tweak or change it.

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