Learn How To Send Free Unlimited SMS On MTN Sim

User’s can now send free SMS to all MTN users without paying a dime and this is wonderful in such a situation that you got zero credit remaining on your phone but SMS is your only hope and to avoid wastage or burning of recharge cards, this method of sending free SMS should also be an instant solution. For me, I no more buy recharge cards to recharge my phone even my SMS is now free.

How To Activate Free Sending Of SMS (Messages) On MTN Network

➡It requires 0.0kb otherwise, your money will be touched.
➡It works on any type of phone even torchlight are allowed.
➡All SMS messages are for free of charge. ➡It only works on MTN to MTN network.
➡You can send unlimited messages.

1. After that, go to your text message.
2. Tap on Create Or Compose Message.
3. Then write your message.
4. Now, type the recipient or receiver’s phone number by adding ” 38708″ without quote in the beginning of his or her number e.g3870808133835509.
5. Then tap on SEND button and the message will be sent for free.

This is how to send free SMS messages on MTN network without paying a dime. You can send unlimited messages without any charges. It’s awesome!

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