Google Voice Setup And Configuration On IPhone

Google Voice Setup And Configuration On IPhone

Google voice feature is used for many things like sending mails or text, making international calls and voice mails. For all these stories, it is very easy and simple to setup on iPhone and can even sign up for a Google number with the application.

How To Setup And Configure Google Voice On iPhone Devices

It is easy and simple. Just download Google voice on Appstore by clicking here .

Launch or open the app and sign in using your Google account (Gmail) and accept all terms and conditions. Tap on the Search icon and search for your city of region and select to get a Google voice number.

Now, enter the phone number you are currently using in order to end and receive calls as Google will verify and send you a verification code.

Now, your number has been successfully registered as Google voice number and to make calls and text using Google voice, you need to add credit.

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