Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger

Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger Anti AdBlock Script For BloggerAnti AdBlock Script For Blogger

This  anti adblock script will prevent the visitors of your Blog to block the Ads. When their Adblock is active while  visiting your Blog the script will automatically detect the AdBlock and these message will show “Please disable your ad blocker! This site is supported by the advertisement Please disable your ad blocker to support us!!!”  You can double your earnings using anti adblock script.

After many years of blogging, finally there is someone genius created a script called Block AdBlock. This script is much better than the script I provided here, so I update this post to provide a new beautiful and elegant Anti AdBlocker for your blogs. Please read and follow  my tutorials below so that you will not face any problem while installing the script widget.

How to add the Anti AdBlock Script for Blogger (Version 1)
Step 1: Login to your Blogger Dashboard and click Layout

Step 2: Click on Add a Gadget and a window will pop up

Step 3: Select the HTML/JavaScript 

Step 4: Copy the Anti AdBock Script Below and paste it inside the Content. Don’t put a title

 Anti AdBlock Script


How to Add Block Adblock Script To Blogger Template (Version 2)
Step 1: Go to your blogger Template and click Edit HTML

Step 2: Click inside the code area and hit Ctrl+F and type

in the search box and press Enter. Note in the screenshot below that I search for just replace it with .

Step 3: Copy the code below and paste it just above the

Customization: If you want to customize the design of Block AdBlocker Script to suite on your blog or website design you can go to:, and click the BlockAdblock Configurator in order to configure your desired user interface. 

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