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“I didn’t know I had acting demons living inside of me…” Rita Dominic

Yes o, ‘acting demon’ is a thing where Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic is concerned and she revealed what that means to her… Keep reading.

In an interview on E-Weekly, the talented actress revealed that the movie, Shattered, is one movie that revealed to her how far she can go in the career she has decided to embody as hers.
This revelation was made when the actress was asked which movie she believes has found compelling and the character she connected with the most., according to the actress in her response, all her characters are compelling to her and she connects to all of them, despite how many movies she has featured in, but she revealed that one of her movies. ‘Shattered’ is one movie that stretched her beyond her limit and made her know that she can actually go more than she had been limiting herself to for a long while now.
To her, her character in Shattered is very dear to her heart. She finds the character really deep. The actress revealed that she has never shot any movie that stretched her that much, stating that she was torn as an actor with a conclusion that she has a demon inside her that the director of the movie found a way to bring it out.
It is not a bad movie to bring out the demon in her considering the movie gave her an AMAA award in 2012.


by Kemi Filani

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