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How To Activate 9mobile 60GB Nightly Plan of 30 Days on Anonytun VPN

How To Activate 9mobile 60GB Nightly Plan of 30 Days on Anonytun VPN

9mobile is offering free night data for YouTube streaming from the hours of 1AM-5AM to customers who purchase a data bundle on 9mobile . If you subscribe to any 9Mobile data bundle, you’ll be given free night data capped at 2GB data to stream via YouTube from 1am-5am, for 30days.

Every night in the 30 days, you will be given free 2GB to watch Youtube videos, which equals to 60GB in total. And thanks to AnonyTun VPN, you will be able to use the Youtube data to browse and download on any website at midnight.

How to Subscribe to Get The YouTube Video Streaming Offer

As a monthly subscription is required to get the YouTube streaming pak activated, migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialling *244*1# and dial *545# and activate the on-screen 100% double data bonus.

Now, dial *200*3*1*3# and proceed to buy the monthly plan of 500MB for 500naira and voila!, your nightly YouTube video streaming pak of free streaming from 1am to 5am has been activated Proceed to next step below.

Proceed to next step below. How to Power All Apps with Anonytun VPN App using YouTube Video Streaming

✅In the night, launch your Anonytun VPN application and turn on ” Stealth Settings “.

✅Set connection port to 8081 and set connection protocol to HTTP.
✅Toggle on and tap on “EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HEADERS” .

✅Now, set URL/HOST to myaccount.google.com
✅Set Request method to POST and Injection method to NORMAL .


✅Lastly, tap on GENERATE and go home to connect.


After successful connection, you can now start browsing and surfing on your favourite websites. Download, stream ordinary without even using Anonytun VPN app because is designed to perform that task.

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